Pokémon 6×39 : A Poké-BLOCK Party

After making it to Mauville City, Ash and the gang see a sign stating that whoever can make it through the trick house will win a lifetime supply of PokéBlocks. Ash and the gang decide to try their luck.

When they arrive, they have three doors to choose from. Ash, May, and their new friend Alanna choose one door while Max and Brock choose another. Team Rocket is, of course, also trying to win and each one of them chooses a different door. Everyone ends up trying to navigate through a maze. James and Meowth meet and then see Ash, May, Alanna, and Alanna’s Whismur and decide that they want to steal the Whismur. They are successful until everyone exits the maze at the same time and Alanna rushes up to Team Rocket and takes her Whismur back, thanking them for finding it.

Team Rocket creates havoc for our heroes throughout the next few challenges and finally traps Pikachu and Whismur during the last challenge. A battle ensues and Team Rocket is sent blasting off. Ash and company may not have won the lifetime supply of PokéBlocks, but they did make some new friends and are ready to set off for the Mauville Gym.




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